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The Absence of Ms. M.H. - C5, Confidence
What could he do, indeed? The very same night he took up his own pen and wrote a note to Mister Davidson, the only thing he could think to do at the time. Yet another meeting in confidence was set between the two, after a bit of correspondence, after several such letters had passed between them. But of course, Mister Davidson's continuously hectic schedule normally allowed for little of such things. Regardless, a time was set.
It was early two days after Mister Brennan's reception of the Lady Caroline's letter that he, with said letter in hand, departed for a large private property where Mister Davidson liked to walk when he was able. The sun had not yet broken the horizon when he quietly shut his door behind him, and the moon still hung in the sky. He didn't give it a second glance as he hurried to the north where they were to meet. Aside from the occasional tentative glance at a street sign or the low light of a still-burning lamp in a window, his eyes remained on the road before him
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Valentine's Sketch by ZealthosKOT Valentine's Sketch :iconzealthoskot:ZealthosKOT 0 0
The Absence of Ms. M.H. - C4, Denial
The Absence of Miss Marianne Herholdt Chapter 4 - Denial
It was the very same day that he had returned to the front door of Ms. Caroline's residence. The ride back through the countryside had gone by for him like a blur. The curtain was not completely drawn this time, so his mind was allowed to wonder, slightly. Not enough to draw his thoughts away from his Lady Marianne.
It was a few moments after he knocked on the door, notably with somewhat more vigor than his norm, that the maid came to the door looking quite flustered.
"I thought you'd come here Master, Miss Caroline said so. I'm sorry, Master, but she's gone. She left something for you." She pulled a letter from her dress and handed it to him. "I'm awfully sorry, Master." He had taken the letter briskly and turned away quickly as she said this, returning with a brisk walk to his own home, having already dismissed Jacob's man upon his return.
His room was cold now, the fire left alone that morning, and no other source of warmth. H
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The Absence of Ms. M.H. - C3, Insecurity
The next morning couldn't have come soon enough for the young student. Yet another restless night, spent with thoughts of his pursuit and worries of her current condition. It was only due to the nature of the circumstances that he was able to go on with so little rest to begin with. Naturally, however, he was beginning to feel the effects of fatigue. When the carriage finally came for him that morning, he was drowsily writing one more letter home, explaining his whereabouts to his family, and yet again assuring them that there was no need for concern.
As slowly as the night had passed for the man, it seemed that the travel was drawn out even more so. Although the coachman seemed uncomfortable in the cool morning air, it was having no effect on Mister Brennan, lost far too deeply in thought to at all be concerned with his own condition. Aside from a single other carriage that was rapidly returning to town, they encountered no others on the country road that hour. Although the scenery of
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The Absence of Ms. M.H. - C2, Information
Chapter 2 - Information
It was not until the next week before Mister Brennan could get in touch with the man I had mentioned before, Jacob Davidson. In that time, worry had very thoroughly taken hold of the man, and hardly a moment went by when he wasn't thinking of what he could do, or worse; what could be happening to her. He hoped, of course, that her disappearance was something mundane, that there was no harm done to her, and nothing at all to worry about. For a time, that was all he could do, hope. It was certainly a misfortune that Mister Davidson was so busy a man, however it was fortunate enough that Mister Brennan could meet with him at all.
It was another cool evening that found the two men together in the study of Mister Davidson's own home. A large estate within the city owned by his family, his father a physician, and his older brother a man of business known within the university for his travels. His father, of course, was very seldom residing in this particular home, how
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The Absence of Ms. M.H. - C1, Effect
The Absence of Miss Marianne Herholdt
Chapter 1 - Effect.
A dark, cool night in early January. For the time, this cool weather might be considered unseasonably warm. Just days before, however, the ground had been covered in several inches of snow; now melted by the recent warmth. Wind still made the man want to pull his long coat tightly around his body. A light cloud of white smoke from the pipe he held to his lips. English tobacco, rich, flavorful, unlike the unsavory strength of Virginia blends. It calmed him down, and always had. And just now, he quite needed it. His mind wandered from it's intended query, the recent disappearance of an old friend of his. Where the man's mind was, however, was now on something a little more philosophical. See, he had recently moved a great distance from his family and his oldest acquaintances. He had had time, of course, to forge new bonds in his new home, but his mind had connected the loss of this particular friend to the loss of all old acquaint
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The Gang by ZealthosKOT The Gang :iconzealthoskot:ZealthosKOT 1 0
A Winter Sketch
A single lamp outside my window reminds me that there's something more than my rrom. The rest is such a blinding white, the shimmer of fresh snow, that it seems nothing could possibly exist beyond it; if only for a moment before I remember who, and where I am. I sit up in the substandard bed, tossing aside what seems a mountain of blankets and stare out that window still, that lamp casting its glow into my eyes, and I wonder because this cold white reminds me of loneliness; is the only person who can make me feel less alone over five hundred miles away?
And then, who is she? I'm not sure, my consciousness tells me one thing, but the memories fighting for a place in my mind tell me something entirely different, something I don't want to hear. Maybe it's changing. I don't know. Regardless, I reluctantly slide out of bed and onto the floor. Pulling on two jackets, my old heavy boots, and a pair of gloves. Checking my pockets to be sure I have money, and a lighter. Why do I still do that?
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Let Go, Hold On
I feel like, I just might
Finally start to let go of this
The pain is real, the past is sealed
But maybe I can let these cuts heal
But will it still hold me back
Even after I've forgotten?
Will I ever be forgiven?
By myself, and by those that I've let down?
Every word I speak or sing
Seems to pose a valid question
Am I real, what can I be?
Will moving forward set me free?
I'll tell you know, 'bit of what I feel;
I hate to look into those eyes
To see reflections unaffected
By the way I see you in my own
Every time I fall in love
I find myself on the ground again.
Every time I find a heart to hold
I seem to crush it if it won't crush me first.
I wish I could find, a perfect balance
But for now I think I'll focus on me
Getting on with life, becoming strong
Taking everything in stride
I see what you've done,
It crushed me, too.
I tried it first, but found out I'm not
that much of a coward.
So now I've got to appreciate
What I have in the here and now.
I think I'll hold on to the love I hav
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Christmas 2011 by ZealthosKOT Christmas 2011 :iconzealthoskot:ZealthosKOT 0 1
Think Freely
Success depends on goals
Goals depend on dreams
Dreams depend on wishes
And wishes depend on an open mind
A closed mind is a ball and chain
Men cannot fly because men close their minds
Do not hold on to "Concrete" Things
They are a cage
As a caged bird cannot fly,
Neither can you
Hold on to the wind
It will carry you higher
Help yourself fly
Unlock that ball and chain
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Krow Motors Logo 2 by ZealthosKOT Krow Motors Logo 2 :iconzealthoskot:ZealthosKOT 0 0 Krow Motors Logo 1 by ZealthosKOT Krow Motors Logo 1 :iconzealthoskot:ZealthosKOT 0 1
I Want to be a Child
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Digital Practice 1 'You Made the Poor Girl Cr by ZealthosKOT Digital Practice 1 'You Made the Poor Girl Cr :iconzealthoskot:ZealthosKOT 0 2
Flash Fiction 1 - Escape
A glass sky, and steel horizons. The boy stood on the edge of the single public place in the city still covered in grass, a park built atop a man made hill near the southern entrance. From the northern edge of the park, one could look out over the majority of the city on a dark night like this one and see the lights of the entire residential area and much of the industrial and entertainment sectors as well, the only thing to their back would be the high steel wall and three large, terribly hideous buildings dedicated to the life support systems that kept their city alive. His eyes scanned the city where he had been born and raised, New Detroit. He had learned in school that to the north and south there were two enormous bodies of water, part of what were called the Great Lakes. He had never seen any body of water larger than the lake at the far end of the park that fed one of the massive abominations that was the water treatment building. He probably could have seen one of the lakes fr
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Downforce unleashed by markamas Downforce unleashed :iconmarkamas:markamas 15 1 Datsun S30Z by althar338 Datsun S30Z :iconalthar338:althar338 18 9 Mazda RX-7 FD 1 8-19-12 by Famous1994 Mazda RX-7 FD 1 8-19-12 :iconfamous1994:Famous1994 22 2 rx7 by TiOLSTYLE rx7 :icontiolstyle:TiOLSTYLE 16 1 Mitsubishi Evo X MR - Highkey by Caliart Mitsubishi Evo X MR - Highkey :iconcaliart:Caliart 17 2 S15 by scionius S15 :iconscionius:scionius 19 2 Most Common View by bleepbloop Most Common View :iconbleepbloop:bleepbloop 17 2 Toyota Supra MK IV JDM Style by Arek-OGF Toyota Supra MK IV JDM Style :iconarek-ogf:Arek-OGF 28 10 Eat Sleep JDM by Dorki Eat Sleep JDM :icondorki:Dorki 5 0 RX-7 Drifter by Prythen RX-7 Drifter :iconprythen:Prythen 6 0 Civic_D.U.R.C.I design by DURCI02 Civic_D.U.R.C.I design :icondurci02:DURCI02 25 7 Our Smile by sendok Our Smile :iconsendok:sendok 25 5 RX7 by Zer0Gfx RX7 :iconzer0gfx:Zer0Gfx 26 0 Nissan 370z by brownboi16 Nissan 370z :iconbrownboi16:brownboi16 26 2 Nissan Skyline R34 by MartinDesign93 Nissan Skyline R34 :iconmartindesign93:MartinDesign93 32 0 Initial D Trueno by BlackOpsPerformance Initial D Trueno :iconblackopsperformance:BlackOpsPerformance 46 3



United States
Well, at the moment, Most of my sketches are in my scrapbook, if you want to see my randomness, look THERE. Nothing more at the moment.

Current Residence: Nashville, TN
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XX-Large
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: I'm Open
Operating System: Windows
MP3 player of choice: iPod (120g Black)
Favourite cartoon character: Raito
Stolen from :AlannaAmythest:

[x] you like hoodies (love em)
[x] you like jeans
[] you hate the color pink
[x] you go to your dad for tips
[] you use to like the power rangers
[x] you played with hot wheels
[x] you think black, blue, red, grey, or silver is one of your favorite colors
[] you like to wear baggy sweat pants and t-shirts
[x] you act weird around people and don't care
[] you say "dude" a lot
[x] you think dogs are better than cats
[] sad movies SUCK
[] shopping is torture
[x] own a x-box
[x] gory movies are cool
[] it's kind of weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people
[x] you sometimes talk with your mouth full  
[x] You used to play Yu-Gi-Oh
[] you watch sports on TV
[x] you owned a DS PS2 or Sega
[x] it's hilarious when people get hurt and fall
[] shopping is torture
[] sports are fun


[x] you like to shop
[] you wear eyeliner
[] you wear the color pink  
[] you go to your mom for advice
[] you consider cheer leading a sport
[] you hate wearing all black
[x] you like going to the mall
[] you like getting manicures and/or pedicures
[x] you like wearing jewelry
[] you cried watching The Notebook
[] skirts are a big parts of your wardrobe
[] shopping is one of your favorite hobbies
[] you don't like the movie Star Wars
[x] you are/were in gymnastics
[] it takes you around one hour to shower and get dressed
[x] you smile a lot more than you should
[x] you have more than 10 pairs of shoes
[x] you care about what you look like majority of the time
[] you like wearing dresses
[x] you like wearing body spray/deodorant
[] you like high heel shoes
[] you used to play with dolls as a kid
[] you like putting makeup on others
[x] you like being the star of almost everything

  • Listening to: Aiden
  • Watching: Limitless
  • Playing: SS3
  • Eating: Tuna Sub
  • Drinking: Arnold Palmer


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